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Vaisala Polaris™ – Inline Refraktometer

Kemi & Halvleder industri


Elektronisk sensor til brixmåling


Process Refractometer

For chemical industry

Measure concentrations of acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents and various other solutions.

Pipeline installation

Elektronisk sensor til brixmåling


Process Refractometer

For chemical and semiconductor industries

Measure hydrochloric acid (HCI), sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, sulphuric acid, and hydrofluoric acid and other aggressive chemicals directly inline. Installation to ½ inch process line.


Process Refractometer

For chemical, metal, and mining industries

Measure sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid (HCI), sodium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, and other aggressive chemicals directly inline. Installation in large production pipelines.


Process Refractometer

For semiconductor industry

Measure CMP slurries’ concentration and bulk chemicals in semiconductor manufacturing. Installation in pipelines.