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Tørstofmåling 15-35% Model DS


Valmet Dry Solids Measurement datasheet EN


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Tørstofmåling 15-35% Model DS

Maximize solids in dry cake for transport savings

The unique Valmet DS utilizes safe microwave technology to make a stable and accurate solids measurement for dewatering control in wastewater treatment. Typically located in the vertical section after a centrifuge, screw or filter press, the Valmet DS extracts a continuous sample from the falling cake flow.

Valmet DS uses sophisticated microwave technology to determine the exact cake solids up to 35%. Using the accurate dry solids measurement provided by Valmet DS, operators can fully optimize dewatering. When it comes to transportation expenses, dry cake optimization results in extreme cost reductions. Higher cake solids drive down the volume of cake that needs to be hauled away from the plant.