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Tørstofmåling 0-0,5% Model LS


Valmet Low Solids Measurement EN


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Tørstofmåling 0-0,5% Model LS

Integrated continuous measurement

The Valmet LS can be connected to the solids treatment process to provide online measurements for rapid analysis. The measurement supports continuous sample flow by utilizing an integrated centrifugal pump.

When the sample passes through the measurement cell, high-quality LEDs produce six unique optical singles for precise measurement. The Valmet LS continuously measures both the entrained air index, which indicates polymer overdosing, and the suspended solids content from 0 to 5,000 mg/L. For measurements above 5,000 mg/L, please contact Valmet.

Built-in dependability

Samples are deaerated and screened before entering the measurement cell. Engineered for robustness, the measurement cell has extremely strong sapphire glass with optimum optical properties and high resilience to impurities.

Keeping the Valmet LS measurement system clean is ensured through an automated cleaning cycle. The cell and sample lines are backflushed, along with additional chemical cleaning, at configurable intervals. Automatic self-diagnostics and clean water calibration add an additional layer of assurance that the Valmet LS delivers accurate, reliable and consistently reproducible measurements.