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Valmet Portable Conductivity Measurement

Sensors for Portable Conductivity Measurement


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Build confidence in your process

The Valmet Portable Conductivity and Concentration Measurement 3000 series of rechargeable industrial meters are suitable for measuring process liquids from ultrapure water to hazardous acids.

Rugged, yet easy to carry, you can use the meter for lab and on-site sampling, calibration or verification. The 3001 model is exclusively for conductivity, with two setup modes for ultrapure water (UPW) and two for standard water. For concentration measurement, we offer the 3003 model which features two setup modes for concentration and two for conductivity.

Traceable conductivity and temperature calibration certificates are available on request. If needed, Valmet can adjust the testing conditions to meet customer-specific requirements. We also provide an annual calibration service.

Measure anywhere with ease

The analyzer unit is housed in an aluminum case with a swiveling handle for carrying and serving as a stand. All sensors are based on the 4-electrode principle which eliminates errors from the polarization effect on the electrode surface.

Sensors are also completely interchangeable. You can swap sensors without sacrificing accuracy in conductivity or temperature. There is also no need for recalibration or re-entering the cell constant. In addition, each setup mode in the analyzer has a complete recipe and settings for output range and calibration.