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Valmet – Conductivity Measurement


Transmitterseries 3100

Transmitterseries 3200

Transmitterseries 3300 – concentration measurement

Portable conductivity & concentration measurement

Sensors for 3100 Series

Sensors for 3200 Series

Sensors for 3300 Series

Valmet – Conductivity Measurements (former Kemotron)

Sensors for measuring conductivity and concentration are products that have been used in industry for a number of years. The sensors are based on a proven and tested technology, which has made it possible to use them in even the most demanding process applications in industry.

Valmet transmitters and sensors are manufactured and tested in Finland to the highest standards.

Therefore, they play a leading role in many measurement and control systems in combined heat and power plants, in the chemical, pharma, and food industries, as well as in the energy sector with all used raw materials.