Wedgewood Photometers Service Parts

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Plug-in UV Lamps for in-line UV photometer

The lamps are designed as a direct replacement for the factory-installed standard lamps in Wedgewood’s Model AF44 and AF46 UV Analyzers.
The new lamps have a reinforced arc that gives a more stable signal during the measurement. All lamps are tested for stability prior to delivery and are guaranteed to fit into the Wedgewoods Model AF44 and Model AF46 lamp housings

Two types can be supplied:

  • S-1415-0150-00 280 nm Phosphor coated lamp
  • S-1415-0160-00 254 nm lamp with clear glass

Size Specifications

Diameter of Body: 0.43”
Diameter of Glass: 0.354”
Length of Glass: 1.075”
Overall Length: 2.375”

Guaranteed Life:

Phosphor Coated Lamps: 1 yr or 3500 hrs to half minimum intensity specification (2)
1Non-Coated Lamps: 1 yr or 5000 hrs to half minimum intensity specification (2)

Minimum Intensity Specification:

Non-Coated Lamps: 27 uW/cm2 @20cm (1)
1Non-Coated Lamps: 0.23 uW/cm2 @20cm (1)

(1) New lamp operating on standard High Frekvency Power Supply at 20 mA at Primary Wavelength
(2) Whichever comes first

Optical Interference Filters for in-line UV photometer

The filters are designed as a direct replacement for the factory installed filters in Wedgewood’s Model AF42, AF44 and Model AF46 UV Analyzers.

State-of-the-art deposition technology is used to provide a consistent and reliable bandpass characteristic for photometric accuracy, and a hard coating to ensure robustness against UV light when in use. All filters are tested prior to delivery and guaranteed to fit standard Model AF42, AF44 and Model AF46 UV Analyzer lamp and detector housings.

The filter sets are supplied with a test certificate with optical scanning that describes the characteristics of the bandpass filters.

The filters are supplied in sets for all models. Each set contains a measuring filter and a reference filter. Note that AF46 sensors require two sets, one for each installed wavelength.

Three types can be supplied:

  • S-A003-0280-00 280 nm Filter set for AF44 and AF46 UV Photometer
  • S-A003-0280-02 280 nm Filter set for AF42 UV Photometer
  • S-A003-0254-00 254 nm Filter set for AF42, AF44 and AF46 UV Fotometer

Size Specifications:

Diameter: 12.5mm
Thickness: Reference 0.200″
Measurement 0.230″

Optical Specifications:

CWL: Stated WL ± 2nm
HBW: 10nm ± 2nm
Peak T: >/= 10% @ stated WL ± 2nm (depending upon WL and filter type)
Out of band blocking: %T < 0.001% from X-Ray to CWL-20nm & from CWL+20nm to Far IR
Wavelength shift: < 0.01nm per °C

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