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In 2019, K-Patents was bought by the Finnish group Vaisala with the primary aim of strengthening growth and ensuring generational change. The instruments are still labeled “K-Patents” and will continue to do so. as well as the worldwide dealer network

K-Patents is a leading supplier of process refractometers for industrial process monitoring and control. The refractometers are used for measuring concentration in solutions in all types of liquids and mixtures.

K-Patent’s refractometer provides a reliable and precise real-time measurement, ideal for process optimization and control. Product quality and batch times are controlled more precisely and costs are reduced. Time-consuming and expensive sampling is replaced by a continuous inline refractometer measurement, which is practically service and maintenance-free.

Link to Refractive Index Measuring principle

Concentration (% by weight)
Liquid density (% solids)
Refractive index (R.I.)

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