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Kemtrak Photometers

Kemtrak is a company producing in-line measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry. Their analyzers and measurement cells are suited for a wide range of applications as they can be adapted to customer requirements.

A Kemtrak DCP007-UV LED photometer is the recommended instrument to accurately measure protein concentration. It uses ultra-low power cold light at the exact wavelength required for the analysis, exposing the sample to thousands of times less energy than a traditional UV photometer. This is achieved from a state of the art digital photometer design using a modulated high performance UV LED light source with precision fiber optics. Benefits include:

  • Real time in-line measurement
  • Ultra-low power UV analyzer
  • High performance UV LED light source
  • Drift and noise-free measurement
  • Zero maintenance measurement cells & fiber optics
  • Down to 5 AU (1 cm OPL), deeper absorbance measurements with shorter pathlengths
  • Long life UV LED light source that is easy to change

In-line and real time.

Kemtrak AB produces high end process photometers, fluorescence and turbidity transmitters.

Simple to use and zero maintenance.

Photometers for inline measurement of

Emulsionions, Suspensions, Dispersions, Concentrations,

Turbidity, Protein, Interface, Olie in water, Color(ASTM, Saybolt, Icumsa),

Analysis and concentration measurement

Kemtrak ABis a leading supplier of industrial fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR photometer systems for analytical solutions in process. The process photometers are based on the measurement of absorbed light or reflected light.

Lisco Analytical ApSis happy to offer a suitable instrument for a given application, but when we encounter new tasks, we turn the matter over to Kemtrak, which is very happy to contribute with the solution of specific applications, even if it is “just” an instrument – as a start.

Kemtrak are large enough to supply a myriad of applications – for all relevant industries – but at the same time small enough to go in depth with a task they may have to solve for the first time.

Kemtrak AB uses the very latest generation of fiber optics, which means that there are no electronics in the measuring probe, no heat development at the measuring probe and no replacement of “burnt out” lamps in time or out of time.

Measurement of critical process parameters with the Kemtrak inline photometer contributes to ensuring optimal monitoring and safety in the production units. This leads to reduced production costs, increased product quality, and improved safety in the production environment.

Kemtrak model NBP007

    • Robust industrial design
    • Fiber optics – all electronics, lamps and detectors in the cabinet – no electronics in the sensor – no heat generation in the sensor housing.
    • No maintenance – long-life lamps, no moving parts.
    • Wide range of measurement areas and applications
    • No post-calibration required

Kemtrak model NBP007

  • Back scatter version
  • Ø12 PG12,5 ”pH-style” probe, or DN25 TriClamp

Optical Interference Filters for in-line UV photometer

The filters are designed as a direct replacement for the factory installed filters in Wedgewood’s Model AF42, AF44 and Model AF46 UV Analyzers.

State-of-the-art deposition technology is used to provide a consistent and reliable bandpass characteristic for photometric accuracy, and a hard coating to ensure robustness against UV light when in use. All filters are tested prior to delivery and guaranteed to fit standard Model AF42, AF44 and Model AF46 UV Analyzer lamp and detector housings.

The filter sets are supplied with a test certificate with optical scanning that describes the characteristics of the bandpass filters.

The filters are supplied in sets for all models. Each set contains a measuring filter and a reference filter. Note that AF46 sensors require two sets, one for each installed wavelength.

Three types can be supplied:

  • S-A003-0280-00 280 nm Filter set for AF44 and AF46 UV Fotometer
  • S-A003-0280-02 280 nm Filter set for AF42 UV Photometer
  • S-A003-0254-00 254 nm Filter set for AF42, AF44 and AF46 UV Fotometer

Size Specifications:

Diameter: 12.5mm
Thickness: Reference 0.200″
Measurement 0.230″

Optical Specifications:

CWL: Stated WL ± 2nm
HBW: 10nm ± 2nm
Peak T: >/= 10% @ stated WL ± 2nm (depending upon WL and filter type)
Out of band blocking: %T < 0.001% from X-Ray to CWL-20nm & from CWL+20nm to Far IR
Wavelength shift: < 0.01nm per °C

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