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In 2019, K-Patents was bought by the Finnish group Vaisala with the aim of strengthening growth and ensuring generational change. The instruments continue to be branded “K-Patents” and will continue to do so, as will the worldwide dealer network.

K-Patents is a leading supplier of BRIX meters for process monitoring and control in sanitary productions. The refractometers are widely used for measuring BRIX and concentration in all types of liquids and mixtures within food, beverages, dairies, pharma and biotech. K-Patent’s refractometer provides a reliable and precise real-time measurement, ideal for process optimization and control. Product quality and batch times are controlled more precisely and costs are reduced. Time-consuming and expensive sampling is replaced by a continuous inline refractometer measurement, which is practically service and maintenance-free.

Link to Refractive Index Measuring principle

Concentration (% by weight)
Liquid Density (% Solids)
Refractive index (R.I.)

K-Patent’s Sanitary Refractometers are 3-A approved and EHEDG certified to meet the highest requirements for hygienic use within food production and pharmaceutical production.

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