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Foam Control & Measurement

Hycontrol is the market leader in Foam Measurement and Control Systems. The foam sensors are designed for the sole purpose of detecting foam in water-based and non water-based liquids.


Foam is a major problem in many biotech and other industrial processes. Typical applications are found within production of food and drink, paint and printing ink, water and effluent treatment and biogas, where the sensors are installed in reactors, evaporators, vacuum cooling plants and aerobic as well as anaerobic fermentors.

Benefits of improved foam control

  • Increased throughput by reducing downtime
  • Reduced product loss
  • Addition of antifoam is optimized and costs reduced
  • Reduced waste and pollution due to foam overflow

Basis foam control

Six frame powerpoint presentation demonstrating basic method of foam control using Hycontrol Foam Control System.

Foam control systems – product range

IMA Sensing® technology for Fouling Immunity

Using the patented Multi Action Sensing Technology “IMA Sensing® technology” Hycontrol sensors are able to discriminate between the residual deposits of foam and product that build up on the sensor itself, and the foam being created in the process. Because of this unique technology, the sensors have high accuracy and reliability.

Effectively the Foam Sensor ignores the inevitable fouling while continuing to monitor the foam. No matter how heavily the Sensor is coated, or how dense and sticky the layer, its unique construction enable it to keep measuring foam throughout the process cycle.

The picture shows a Hycontrol sensor coated in a sticky build-up of foam and product. The measuring current which is shown in red continues to flow only through the foam. The blue line represents the leakage current driven by the guard electrode. This enable the sensor to function as the leakage is measured separately and not as part of the foam signal.

Often it is not possible to prevent material build-up, but the “IMA Sensing® technology” enables the sensor to function reliably despite extensive coating or fouling. To see a short video demonstration of “IMASensing® technology” at work please click here

The photographs left show a Braun fermenter which is coated with product. The close-up picture of the sensor (seen arrowed protruding from the headplate) shows it to be completely covered with material but it was still working when the vessel was opened. The user was so astonished that he took a photograph to send to Hycontrol Technology.