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Wastewater measurements and automation

logo16Valmet is a company with long time experience in the environmental sector and pioneering of innovative solutions to meet the ever-tightening environmental requirements for water quality for both drinking water and waste water treatment. Wastewater and drinking water plants are extensive in size, especially in cities, and are often connected to surrounding communities.

Regarding wastewater treatment plants, Valmets measurement solutions are used in both industrial and municipal plants for even the most challenging applications. Possible placements are shown in the above figure.

Click at the picture and do it also at the picture you get from Valmets page and you are able to look at the various possibilities.

Valmet Total Solid Measurement, Valmet TS is a new in-line Total Solids transmitter based on microwave technology

Valmet Total Solid Transmitter (Valmet TS) represents the new microwave technology for the waste water industry. Valmet has extensive experience and know-how in microwave technology. In the waste water industry Valmet TS measures and controls total solids for optimal process performance.


With Valmet TS from 0 to 35% total solid can be measured in sludge in all the processes where a fast and true value for the content of sludge solids is wished. This makes is possible to quickly intervene in the process.


  • Continuous real time data
  • Maintenance free
  • Single point calibration
  • Reduction in laboratory sampling
  • Lower support fuel consumption based on dryer sludge
  • Short payback time

Used for Digester feed

  • Maintains a high, optimized total solids content in the sludge
  • Achieves better process control and significant savings
  • Increased capacity

Used for Dewatering

  • Optimising polymer and chemical dosages and thus reducing costs
  • Quality of dewatered sludge and centrate water is stabilized
  • Better dewatering efficiency and reduction of transport cost
  • Improved incineration efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs

Valmet DS Total Solid Measurement

Valmet DS – tørstofmåler for afvandet slam

Valmet DS tørstofmåler monteres direkte under afgang/afkast fra dekanter eller anden afvandingssystem.

Måleren trækker slamkagen igennem en målecelle og returnerer materialestrømmen til hovedstrømmen.

Måleren har fundet indpas som den eneste på markedet der skaber målinger med pålidelige resultater, med målinger i området 15 til 45% tørstof (endda også højere i visse tilfælde). 



Ved hjælp af en skruetransportør trækkes det frit faldende slam ind i måleren og presses retur umiddelbart efter det har passeret målekammeret hvor mikrobølgerne kontinuerligt detekterer tørstofindholdet. 



  • Målingen bidrager direkte til bedre styring af dekanter
  • Målekammeret har ingen bevægelige dele
  • Enkel kalibrering og lavt vedligehold
  • Meget høj nøjagtighed, både absolut og gentagelse
  • Mulighed for optimal polymerdosering med besparelse
  • Højere slamkoncentration
  • Lavere transportomkostninger for slam
  • Højere brændværdi af slam
  • Færre laboratoriemålinger

Valmet Low Solid Measurement, Valmet LS

Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS) is for measuring low solids. It allows wastewater treatment plant operators to measure low solids in difficult applications like centrifuge centrate and in aeration tanks mixed liquor suspended solids. Until now, no online measurement technology was available that would enable reliable measurement of a media with very low solids contents.


Valmet LS device can be connected online to the process, and it is possible to measure continuous sample flow through the system by using an integrated centrifugal pump. The system has two light sources: LED and Laser. When sample passes through the measurement cell, the absorption, scattering, and depolarization signals from both of the light sources are measured. The Valmet LS measurement system deaerates, filters, and measures the process solids, along with possessing self-cleaning capabilities to keep the measurement optics clean.

  • Continuously measurement of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from 0 – 5000 mg/l
  • Entrained air index – Indicates polymer overdosing
  • Measurement cells optics are strong sapphire glass
  • Automatic cleaning feature that cleans the measurement cell and sample line automatically with water at configurable intervals
  • Advanced self-diagnostics that use clean flush water to calibrate the light sources of the measurement cell, which prevents measurement drift
  • Automatic screening system that screens the sample from the debris (plastics, strings, etc.)
  • Extremely high accuracy


  • Direct savings in polymer costs
  • Improved throughput and function of the centrifuge
  • Possible to select right polymer on-line
  • Higher solid content of concentrated sludge
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Higher thermal energy in incineration process
  • Fewer laboratory analysis
  • Significant operational savings
  • Short pay back time

Valmet TCU for Valmet TS og Valmet LS

  • Power supply 90 – 260 VAC/0.1 A
  • Communication
  • Total Solids 4 – 20 mA + HART
  • Secondary output 4 – 20 mA,
  • Process temperature or conductivity
  • 2 inputs
  • PC connection RS232
  • Profibus PA
  • Foundation FieldbusTM
  • Support to Valmet FieldCare Operating Unit, TCU Enclosure class IP 65

Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer, Valmet SDO

Sludge dewatering is an important part of the process in wastewater treatment plants, but equally in process industries. Both ever-tightening environmental requirements as well as continued wishes to improve profitability means that the future solution is a continuous flow of real-time data, rather than laboratory analysis.

Valmet SDO (Sludge Dewatering Optimizer) helps you meet all these challenges with accurate and efficient continuous optimization

Valmet SDO utilizes inputs from both Valmet TS and Valmet LS in a multivariable predictive control model (MPC) and optimize polymer dosing and centrifuge torque.


  • Optimizes and automates centrifuge operation
  • Savings through efficient polymer usage
  • 24/7 operation without operator presence
  • Modular structure makes it adaptable to most existing automation systems
  • Major reduction in laboratory sampling and analysis

The Valmet SDO can be installed on one centrifuge or the entire centrifuge installation. Valmet would be glad to discuss the requirements and offer a superior solution for centrifuge optimization and control.

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