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Process Spectrometers

Single- or multicomponent analysis and concentration measurement

Solvias provide process analytical solutions based on spectroscopic techniques, such as UV/ VIS spectroscopy. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) principles and tools are integrated in the analytical solutions, and generates valuable process data to ensure optimal process monitoring and safety in your production units..


The UV-SPECTOR Inline Process Spectrometers measure directly in the process liquid and provide real-time analytical results without sampling. The spectrometer provides a “fingerprint of the process” used for process control, trace analysis, quality control, environmental control etc. The software comply with FDA 21 CRF Part 11

The In-line Process Spectrometer UV-SPECTOR has a wide range of applications. This range from simple color measurements, the determination of CIE color metrics and concentration measurements to multi component analysis of liquids and gases.

Fiberoptic Probes

Solvias supply a wide range of fiberoptic sapphire probes, such as UV/VIS transmission Flow Cells and Immersion Probes for liquids. The BIOPRO transmission flow cells and ZAFIRO BIOFIT transmission immersion probes are both specially adapted for use in Biotechnical processing and Food production.

Biotech/Food adapted liquid transmission flow cells and immersion probes.

These probes are used for the determination of single parameters or multi component analysis in solutions.



  • – Process chromatography
  • – Membranefilter separation
  • – Cleaning validation