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Level Measurement Solutions for all applications and industries


Analysis of Concentration

AMETEK Drexelbrook is a well-known supplier of reliable and robust level solutions for virtually every industry such as chemical, petrochemical, power, water and wastewater, food and beverage, pharma, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others.

The level meters are based on different technologies: Radio frekvens RF-Admittance, Ultrasound, Magnetostrictive, Radar, Guided Wave Radar (TDR), and hydrostatic pressure.

The RF-Admittance based level meters are further equipped with a patented Cote-Shield circuit that efficiently prevents measurement errors when the sensor element becomes coated with sticky material, liquid film, dust, and more. The RF Admittance technology is particularly suitable for difficult process environments and is used in all types of liquids, slurries, sludges, powders, granules, stones and interfaces.

The delivery programme includes Point Level instruments and Continuous Level instruments as well as a range of standard designs for special applications and inline analysers for measurement of water content in oil and concentration in mixtures.

There is a very large number of sensing elements available to suit almost any application requirement.


Level Meters for general purpose

Level Meters for specific applications

  • ClearLine in-line fluid detectors for empty pipe indication. Designed to protect pumps from running dry.
  • High temperature point level up to 815 °C for fly ash and similar high temperature solids.
  • Multipoint with several switch points on the same sensing element. Ideal for pump sump level control
  • Plugged Chute detector to indicate blocked chutes used for transporting solid materials
  • Desalter / Dehydrator Interface Transmitters to measure the position of the oil/water interface in separators and dehydrators
  • Smart CheckWell for level measurement in water wells.

Analysis of Concentration in mixtures

– Cut-Monitor for measuring up to 80% water in liquid hydrocarbons, such as oils and lubricating oils

Instrument Selection Guides

Check the selection guide to see what product solution may best fit your application.
Link to Point Level System selection guide
Link to Continuous Level System selection guide

Application Notes

More than 40 years of application know-how and experience are compiled in an extensive database of application information
Link to applications notes

Oil and Gas Solutions

Coal and Fly Ash Solutions