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Conductivity and Concentration Measurement

Valmet today supplies the conductivity meters that were previously produced by the Danish company Kemotron. This production was taken over in 2008 by the Finnish company Metso, after which Valmet took over Metso’s instrument division incl. conductivity meters.

Conductivity and concentration measurement products are well established in the industry. Their proven and tested technology in demanding process industry applications have a strong and leading role in many measurement and control applications in pulp and paper, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

pdf:  valmet Conductivity 3100H

Despite the application, the sensors are maintenance free and accurate.

Valmet Conductivity Measurement


  • Sensors are factory calibrated and transmitter have an auto range function
  • No calibration is required during start up
  • Low installation costs
  • 13 preprogrammed temperature compensations
  • Wide sensor assortment for all applications
  • Sensors for sanitary applications
  • Sensors for industrial applications


  • Rugged
  • Accurate
  • Reliable


Common use cases:
  • Common use cases
  • Boiler control in all industries
  • Evaporators
  • CIP control

Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement


Rugged housing with front window of shatter-proof glass. Illuminated display that shows the sensor channel, conductivity, units, temperature, and alarm status. When using two channels, both conductivities can be displayed simultaneously and differential conductivity or conductivity ratio can be programmed. Moreover, the display has an interactive menu-based set-up. Protection of programming by password.

Any of the sensors can be calibrated from the keyboard.

At low conductivities the effect of the cable stray capacitance and leakage becomes significant, depending upon the cable length. The built-in cable compensator measures the error signal and compensates for it.


  • No maintenance
  • Long life
  • Low installation costs
  • 13 preprogramed temperature compensations
  • Wide sensor assortment for all applications

Valmet Concentration Measurement


Maintenance free in-line Concentration analyser for corrosive liquids

  • Transmitter and sensor are designed for industrial environment
  • High quality materials for sensors
  • Minimum maintenance is needed
  • Electrodes are corrosion resistant
  • Sensors are highly resistant to temperature changes
  • Contact type measurement offers fast response time and accurate reading
  • 22 pre-programmed recipes for acid and lye
  • Easy to install and operate; ready to use upon installation
  • We offer application consulting
  • Long life time, expected 10 years even in most demanding applications

Sensors and measurements

  • Sensor for strong acids
  • Valmet Portable Conductivity measurement


  • Accurate results
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy to use


Common use cases:
  • Acid strength measurement
  • End product quality
  • Process control

Valmet Portable Conductivity Measurement

Valmet’s portable conductivity is used as a reference for the certification of field instruments and to ensure accurate measurements in the laboratories. The Valmet Portable Conductivity Measurement is based on the 4-electrode principle and is designed for conductivity measurement ranging from ultrapure water to concentrated acids, bases, and pulp liquors

Pdf: Valmet Portable Conductivity


  • Rugged
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
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